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So true!!!

I don't. If I ask you a question, it's better to tell me the truth because I don't freaking know the answer! If I know, why would I bother! But yea, this applies to women in general. Either way, just answer the freaking question! Hehehe :Pp

and you would know my reasons if you hadn't avoided me....and now I choose to tell you nothing

"You can't judge my choices without knowing my reasons." Ask why before you judge.

Love this, reminds me Of Andy Stanleys Love Sex and Dating sermon!

Dear boys - Be the type of guy you would want your daughter to be with. Dear girls - Date the type of guy you would want your daughter be be with.

So true!!!

Sometimes I really wish Karma came in this life not the next! Treat people as you would like to be treated. Karma's only a bitch if you are

Sometimes you need to look on the other side of this quote: Sometimes you have to step back when the decisions you make are never right for you, you get angry multiple times yet I forgive over and over. This is my life I choose who I love-who I speak to and if you truly wanted me in your life you would not make me choose. I can have you and anyone else in my life. I chose to step back because I'm tired of having to choose!

If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll make an effort to be in it. Don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn’t make an effort to stay « Carpe Diem

G-d has the best total life plan ever....

LET IT GO - No, that’s not for you. Let it go. I know you think it’s was what you need, but you must let it go. It will hurt you if you don't let it go.

We're flexible like that...lol

Women are Angels. And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly . on a broomstick. We're flexible like that. my ex always inferred I was a witch, that's why its funny . cuz he's my ex .

Don't care

When a woman no longer gets frustrated and upset with you, you can almost guarantee that she doesn't care anymore. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

My Daddy is no longer with me, but he was always my number 1 fan and the one man throughout my life that always had my back. Miss you Daddy ❤

Father Daughter Quotes: Daddy's Little Girl Bonding Moments

dear daddy, no matter where i go in life. who i get married to. how much time i spend with guys. how much i love my boyfriend, you'll always be my number 1 man. sincerely, your little girl i love you daddy