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I Have Fibromyalgia And This Is What It’s Like To Always Be In Pain Pain has always been my normal, which is actually not normal at all.

Cat/cow, arm across chest, supported fish, hands clasped behind back, thread the needle pose

Do you suffer with fibromyalgia leg pain? Pain that is associated with the tender points and trigger points in multiple sites? http://www.living-smarter-with-fibromyalgia.com/fibromyalgia-leg-pain.html

By Jennifer Martin, PsyD, Columnist Have you ever wondered if other people with chronic health conditions feel the same way you do? Throughout my years with chronic pain and illness, along with the hundreds of patients I have counseled, I have found that, while everyone copes in their own way and experiences their condition uniquely, there are common feelings that most of us share. When I first began counseling chronic pain patients, I often used Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s “Five Stages…

While there might not be such a thing as pain-free clothing, there are ways to be more comfortable. Nine ways to dress more comfortably plus brands to try.

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