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Mayukori Child's Buckwheat Pillows

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pillows! While I do not have this brand, I have several of these buckwheat hull pillows. They are light, mold to fit and are great to block out the noise of a snoring spouse!

How to empty all the buckwheat hulls from your pillow to clean it. #comfycomfy #buckwheatpillows

How to clean a buckwheat pillow

Can you clean a ComfyComfy buckwheat pillow? Buckwheat pillows can last for a long time and your pillow may get dirty.

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Buckwheat pillows can last many years with proper care. We're frequently asked how to clean buckwheat pillows, so we've compiled a step-by-step guide.

Growing buckwheat to fill our buckwheat pillows – ComfyComfy

Growing buckwheat to fill our pillows

The buckwheat hulls that fill our pillows is in the western US by a cooperative of farmers. Buckwheat is a relatively minor crop in the US in comparison to corn, soybeans or wheat.

From field to your bed: Making a ComfySleep buckwheat pillow – ComfyComfy

Making a ComfySleep buckwheat pillow

ComfySleep Buckwheat hull pillows are made in the USA from organically grown cotton.

ComfyNeck Buckwheat Hull Pillow – ComfyComfy

ComfyNeck Buckwheat Pillow

Two ComfyNeck Pillowcases - ComfyComfy

Pillow Search: 3 Reasons to Like Buckwheat

Pillow Search: 3 Reasons to Like Buckwheat

We have been searching for eco-friendly bed pillows to replace our worn-out, synthetic ones

ComfyComfy Buckwheat Pillows for better sleep!

Buckwheat pillows made in the USA with American made materials. Natural and sustainable, buckwheat pillows provide superior support of the head and neck.