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PHILLIPS : AHMET ERTUG - The Library of Trinity College, 'The Long Room", Dublin 2008

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Creating a school library space that students want to visit means understanding the different ways students actively engage with learning both individually and socially. Modular tables and mobile bookcases give freedom to reconfigure spaces quickly and easily as groups, individuals and classes flow in and out through the day. Contact us to discuss how we can design a flexible Learning Commons layout to fit your space and meet your specific priorities.

Creating a school library space that students want to visit means understanding…

Dewey Decimal Classification System Chart

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The ideal University would have this nice blue study area to help calm and focus students while they do their work while also encouraging collaboration with fellow students.

Collaborative Cobalt Workspaces

A more relaxed study area in Princeton University’s newly renovated Julian Street Library. Designed by New York–based architect Joel Sanders.

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bookshelfporn: Trinity College Dublin’s Library, Ireland Was built in 1592 and houses the Book of Kells. Is it on airbnb by any chance?

To reinforce my desire to visit Austria... BOOKS!

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witchywonderworks:   The entire Book of Kells is now viewable online!  Thank you to Trinity College in Dublin, for what must have been a huge amount of work.

Book of Kells: Folio contains the symbols of the Four Evangelists (Clockwise from top left): a man (Matthew), a lion (Mark), an eagle (John) and an ox (Luke)

Andrew Dickson White Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York  bbc.com/travel America's most beautiful college libraries

America’s most beautiful college libraries

​ Though they are losing ground to the e-book and the audio book, libraries were once central hubs of human intellectual progress. There's something about them that still attracts people, however – whether it's their magnificent architecture or the unmistakable smell of books and dust, scholars and dreamers alike still enjoy perusing their hoards of literary treasures. Because of their critical importance, libraries were often built to be beautiful and built to last. Combined with the…

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Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland - Of The Most Majestic Libraries In The World