Calypso and Leo<3 I was crying of happiness when this happened.

Leo and Calypso - Leo not knowing what to do with his hands

He asked....

Leo and Calypso forever! I think this might be Reyna, but I prefer Caleo!

Leo and Calypso's Garage: Auto Repair and Mechanical Monsters, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Cider and Stew....<3

One day, years after the 7 finished the prophecy, Percy and Annabeth Jackson's car broke down. When the mechanic got out, it was none other than Leo Valdez. << Mkay, why not<<<< grown up Leo kinda looks like Enrique Iglesias with long hair


The original trio~Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood SELFIE! But no seriously, I'm reading the mark of Athena, and I miss Grover soooooooooooo much right now!


In this picture i think someone read all of the older Percabeth moments to young Percabeth i can see young Percy thinking, "I would NEVER fall into Tartarus for you" and Annabeth is thinking, "I would NEVER say 'i love you' to you.