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When and How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant

Not sure when and how to tell your boss? Review these tips for when and how to tell your boss you’re pregnant, what to say, and how to decide on the best time to tell your boss: http://www.careertoolbelt.com/when-and-to-tell-your-boss-youre-pregnant/

Mother’s nutrition during pregnancy can influence child’s obesity risk - Interesting facts on pregnancy nutrition

Everything you need to know about starting Baby on solid food

Just a quick stop to share with you this wonderful food stages infographic. We love to see how babies begin to sign food items based on their preferences.

Food to boost your milk supply while lactating Food to increase breast milk Breastfeeding Diet - 68 Foods For New Moms Foods For Breastfeeding: diet! Healthy lactation is vital. As your breast milk is packed with all the vital nutrients

Guide to Pregnancy: Week by Week [Infographic]

This infographic captures a week-by-week account of a mom-to-be's journey both from her health & nutrition perspective as well as the development stages of the


Hello mom, how are you? This time we will discuss about the Hospital Bag for Mom to be Happy for Kids. For a happy baby we must not forget with some of the contents of the diaper bag.

Essential Oils During Labor — for nausea, back pain, stalled labor, fear anxiety, and uterine discomfort from [Hello, Darling] Doula Photography

As breast milk has storage guidelines, also it has thawing ones. Learn how to unfreeze your breastmilk properly without losing vital ingredients.

10 Superfoods To Eat During Pregnancy

If you are looking at getting the most out of what you eat its time to switch to some super foods. These pregnancy superfoods list will not only help you stay fit and healthy but will also prove beneficial for your unborn baby.

The Ultimate List of Alternative Baby Names { bohemian, hippie, offbeat, fantasy, goth baby names}

The Ultimate List of Alternative Baby Names { bohemian, hippie, offbeat, fantasy, goth baby names} August and Quinnso many cute names on here

Supernanny Has Your Baby Care Tips

Pin This: 25 Cheatsheets Every New Parent & Parent-to-Be Needs

If you love infographics, get ready to geek out over this collection of visual cheatsheets designed for new parents and pregnancy. Consider these 25 one-pagers your manual to parenthood. From showing you what to pack in your diaper bag, to how to dress yo