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better than a timer by yeles ~ ksc Doctor: Hello again..// Rory: Hello..// Doctor: How've you been?.// Rory: Good, yeah. Good. I mean, Roman..// Doctor: Rory, I'm not trying to be rude. But you died..// Rory: Yeah. I know. I was there..// Doctor: You died and then you were erased from time. You didn't just die, you were never born at all. You never existed..// Rory: Erased. What does that mean?.// Doctor: How can you be here?.// Rory: I don't know. It's kind of fuzzy..// Doctor: Fuzzy…

28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend

ksc 28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend: "You'll be in constant danger."Rory: Every time the Doctor gets pally with someone, I have this overwhelming urge to notify their next of kin." ♥♥

Doctor and Rory. I never really pondered the fact that Rory is older than the Doctor. Almost twice as old in fact.... Rory would be a fantastic history teacher.

Amy: How come you can fly the TARDIS?...// River: Oh, I had lessons from the very best...// The Doctor flattered: Well... yeah...// River: It's a shame you were busy that day.

The Doctor Prime: All 12 Actors who have played the Doctor combined. This is the true face of the Doctor. <---- guys. He looks like Liam Neeson. Guys.

12 Times "Doctor Who" Fangirled Over "Star Trek"