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"Prescription Drug Abuse in America," by dan

Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction [with infographic] - Pharmacy Tech Programs

Drug Abuse in the U.S.

Health Infographics - Drug Abuse in America. American Drug Use Infographics.

I found this on Pinterest. I think that this image is so powerful and it summarizes the epidemic in one image. I specifically liked how it smoothly went from fact to fact and was understandable.

Have you ever wondered what prescription drug abuse looks like? Graphic provided by The Cardinal Health Foundation and The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.

With its cheerful pills and candy-coated colors, this #infographic by 12 Palms Recovery Center spells out the shocking facts about prescription drug abuse in the United States. Despite being a country with just 5% of the world’s population, the US consumes three-quarters of the world’s supply of prescription medication.

InfoGraphic on the Popping Pills drug epidemic - you should try to avoid or minimize prescription drug intake

Prescription Drug Abuse PSA

Public Service Announcement for Prescription Drug Abuse to bring awareness to teens who have or are thinking about abusing prescription drugs.

Oxycontin is a prescription drug that has become one of the most abused legally obtainable drugs in the US.

Oxycontin is a Prescription Drug that has become one of the most abused legally obtainable drugs in the US. The addictive substance in Oxycontin is called oxycodone, which is an opiate pulled from poppy plants.

Alcohol abuse and binge drinking pose several risks including addiction, health and social problems, even death. Learn the dangers and compelling statistics

The Dangers of Abusing Alcohol - Not everyone who abuses alcohol has crossed the line into alcoholism. drug infographic - Learn More at the source!

5 Myths About Drug Abuse and Addiction #addiction #recovery #http://www.addictioninterventionnow.com/

25 Addiction Recovery Tips and Quotes International Drug Rehab. Help for addiction www. find out more about affordable rehab in paradise

Heroin and It's Rapid Addiction Cycle  Teens and young adult are using heroin when the pain pills they are addicted to become too expensive. If your teen is using drugs, it is important to know what drugs your teen is using. Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem among teens; will they turn to heroin use?

Heroin and Its Rapid Addiction Cycle

An infographic illustrating the rapid and frightening addiction cycle of a heroin addict. Why don't young people believe this?

Heroin - The Most Addictive Drug Ever | Visual.ly

DrugAddiction- Heroin is known as one of the most addictive drugs ever. Physically (If the person does not die of overdose) Emotionally & Financially devestating to the addict themselves, those who love them and the communities they live in.