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If Harry Potter was a romantic comedy... briliant!!   Harry Potter - A "Teenage Romance-Comedy" Trailer

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as a teen comedy. I mean, the movie on its own is pretty much a teen comedy anyway, but the music and editing just emphasize that aspect even more. Every Harry Potter trailer should be like this lol

love his facial expression when he read Harry's physical description...lol

'Black hair and bright green eyes.' Dan's face mirrors all of our feelings.

<3 <3 <3

I want someone who looks at me like Ron looks at Hermione. - Romione - Ron and Hermione

13 Hilarious Yet Questionable Harry Potter Memes - Harry Potter Memes and Funny Pics - MuggleNet Memes

I know Im a nerd because I still find 'Hide yo kids, hide yo wife,' etc. But I present to you, Hide yo muggles.

Ummm, I'll be off in my corner crying my eyes out....

The cast of Harry Potter on their last days of filming, I'll be off in my corner crying my eyes out.


Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: Your willingness to discuss Harry Potter with me greatly increases the probability that I'll let you Slytherin my Chamber of Secrets, and that's not just the butterbeer talking.