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100% of the proceeds will go towards improving nutrition for pregnant women, new moms and young children.

You Can Help Stop This

At this very moment, 30,000 girls are imprisoned in Cambodian brothels. Children as young 3 are exploited for sex, with many of them being beaten & tortured daily. Help bring an end to this by grabbing one of these Tees --->

United Nations Foundation - shot@life Camel water bottle. Just $20 can provide life-saving vaccines to a child!

cool non-profit website where when you purchase an item it shows how much of your money will go to food, shelter and school

5 must-have ingredients

I'd like to wish every Mom out there a very special, wonderful day. Mothers are unique in that they give and sustain life, health and knowledge. Without her, we'd not be here.

The loss of hair doesn't need to mean the loss of hope. This shirt helps give the gift of HOPE & JOY by providing a child fighting cancer, with a hand-knit beanie made JUST FOR THEM. Help Here!! ►

Item #00026 Goats improve the future for families in need. Goats provide the two-fold benefit of generating income and supplying protein-rich food and dairy. The combination of two goats can quickly produce a small herd. $50