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Well, when I work on Mondays. Lately it's been more like Muesday.

Do I run?  Yes.  Out of patience, fucks, & money.

Job & Work quote & saying Do I run? Out of patience, fucks, & money. The quote Description Do I run? Out of patience, fucks, & money.

Haha so true

It's sooo true. the funny thing is that I can't wink. so I wink a lot in texts. But it's true. if I winked that much in real life. I would have no friends.


This is so me. I need help, just do it how I would do it or my OCD will kick in!

When I was growing up all I had was Outside Play. We never knew anything about electronics. All we had was a TV and a Radio.

This is the absolute truth. I am so thankful for the memories that I have from my childhood and am still making.

People these days...

When I was younger I thought that it meant that it was ten times better than another commercial for the same thing but a different brand right after the first one

Pretty much

Teenager Post - Idk my relationship with my siblings is either "yo I'll help you hide the body" or "don't even breathe in my direction" there's no in between.