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Tristar Everbearing Strawberry Plants

Loved by chefs for their sweet strawberry flavor, Tristar strawberries are also beautiful plants.

Cherry Sweet, Black Gold ™ PP17301.Developed by Cornell University, yielding heavy June crops with excellent flavor.

Cherry Sweet, Black Gold ™ by Cornell University, yielding heavy June crops with excellent flavor.

The autumn variety Zeva produces an abundance of delicious raspberries in their first year. They are very prolific with high yields of fruit from August onwards on newly grown canes from the same year. Zeva’s large fruit is suitable for eating fresh, freezing or even jam making. Raspberries are packed with vitamins and are known to be one of the best providers of antioxidants! £3.95

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Latham Rasberry ripen in late June and are cold hardy. It produces many large, firm and attractive red berries. Fruit is formed on previous year's growth so be sure to prune right after fruiting if necessary.

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Mesabi strawberry: A June-bearing strawberry for northern gardens with fragrant, delicious fruit on superbly disease-resistant plants. A joint introduction from the US Department of Agriculture and the University of Minnesota.

Pick from our June-bearing strawberries, Everbearing strawberiies, or Day-neutral strawberries for the best in disease resistance and dessert and preserving quality!

Mesabi Strawberry

Who doesn't love strawberries? Extend their wonderful flavor and enjoy them later by freezing them.

Mesabi Strawberry (Fragaria 'Mesabi') at Shelmerdine Garden Center

Mesabi Strawberry (Fragaria 'Mesabi') at Shelmerdine Garden Center

Ali Baba Watermelon

We were sent seeds of Ali Baba watermelon many years ago by an Iraqi gardener. This heirloom watermelon is super sweet! We love Ali Baba!

Earliglow strawberries. Planting as taste is supposed to be wonderful.

Earliglow - early summer, medium size fruit, good flavor, vigorous plants, easy to grow.