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Yep. Looking at you, Blind Guardian.

Metal problems

I already pinned the first part, but the Metal Problems add in just makes it so much funnier.

Your naighbor's pop music can't disturb you... IF YOUR DEATH METAL IS LOUDER!

How Alvi Karimov sees Chechnya when he denies the existence of homosexuals

I love Rammstein I saw them playing live 3 times in the Netherlands! #IchLiebeRichard #Guitarist  #schatzielein hahahaha I am Dutch we are neighbours.

Good guy Rammstein

Chip Tune meets Rammstein in this awesome tune. This project is done for fun. All music is copyright of the original artist.


‘I am still indestructible’: Lemmy has switched from whisky to vodka for health reasons

Why??!  I can't understand why so much kids can't understand that bands like Asking Alexandria aren't real metal.. bands like Asking Alexandria are only metalcore.!..

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