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Future Force with Rifftrax commentary. Someone out there thought making this movie was worth months of their life. o_O Watched July 22/25.

The scene involving the giant TV dinner and its corrosive lemon tart is the best scene ever animated. Watched on December 24.

Oh my God, how is this show so GOOD. Watching in November. UPDATE: The last ep is a bit anticlimactic, but no real complaints here. Finished on December 20.

Why can't all Final-Fantasy anime be as good as Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV? Watched in December.

Yeah yeah, precious cinnamon rolls, can't get any more precious. Sigh. Still watching though, still interested, still riding the emotional manipulation. Watching in February. UPDATE: Why do I expect an anime to have an ending that makes sense? Finished on April 2.

People's Park is a fascinating 78 minutes, a prolonged shot that never cuts away as it glides through the People's Park in Shanghai, China. Real people, real moments. Watched on June 29.

idk if this counts as TV, but I'm watching it anyway. 36 episodes, this is a project. Watching in March.

A Prison on Earth: Beyond the New World Order. I give this doc credit for one thing- I was NEVER bored while watching it. Watched on July 6.

The latest Netflix original series from Japan, Hibana, is just so pleasant to watch. The pacing is casual, inviting the viewer to become a part of the chara's lives without an excess of drama. Watching in June. UPDATE: As the show went on the acting became truly stunning! Ended on a couple of odd and unpredictable notes; overall a memorable series. Finished September 12.