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This picture represents emphasis. When you first look at the picture your eye is automatically drawn to the red butterfly. The red butterfly is resting on black and white flowers which you don't notice at first because they all match each other while the butterfly pops out. This is a good example for emphasis because the butterfly is the center of interest and stands out.

"Bouquet with red butterfly" by Garry Gay

B/W Butterfly with a splash of red

Mariposa 88 / The 88 Butterfly (Diaethria clymena) :: This butterfly is found in South America. The underside of the hind wing has a typical black-and-white pattern showing an or This butterfly lives in wet tropical forests.

Buterfly Photography

butterfly Photography From children to old people, when we thing about butterflies, own mind beco.

NWS *Black and White with a little splash of Color* NWS - Page 55 - Yellow Bullet Forums

Red Butterflies photography black and white beautiful red butterfly paris woman…