View of Gone With The Wind’s Tara set as it was completed for filming in 1939 - The designs for Tara in were a collaborative effort by production designer William Cameron Menzies & his talented team but the final say so came from producer David O. Selznick. While Margaret Mitchell's book described Tara as a somewhat ordinary "white-washed brick house" in Georgia's Clayton County, Selznick had grander ideas. Many say he was influenced by the Natchez antebellum looks

40acres_main_new.jpg 400×411 pixelsThis shows how close Tara was to Mayberry's Main Street which was also used to depict Atlanta in GWTW

Archaeology of Louisiana provides a groundbreaking and up-to-date overview of archaeology in the Bayou State, including a thorough analysis of the cultures, communities, and people of Louisiana from t

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