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Wake up.  Kick ass.  Sleep.  Repeat.

Wake up.

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I love my confused gelding, but his color is black or red,white, and blue thank you very much. {{{ Your horses don't really care. It' a "Negative" person thing. A Gelding is still a "male horse". The men I know LOVE PINK !

Sooo very true!

No matter how old I am.I get excited every time I see a horse!


Nobody knows what true friendship is until they've been friends with a horse.

Wow....too cute...she loves her horse!

Photo: Horse on couch. Lambert says: “Brought inside due to cold.” too cute! how'd she get it on the couch?

Lol, that's cute!

You play football?

So true haha no offence! but I do get fed up with people taking the mick because I ride horses ! They say riding is easy but that is bull ! Apparently we just sit there ! Well if we just sit there and it's easy why don't you ride then !