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Did this on Instasize 😁😁 Maite your own

Did this on Instasize 😁😁 Maite your own

@Cheryl Nash Grier @Cameron Daigle Dallas @Matthew Addonizio Espinosa

Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and Matt Espinosa (MagCon Boys) np we didn't you're lying

Treat you Better Such a good song ~When you can't stay awake today because of staying up last night to listen to his new song~ I love you so muchShawn, I'm so proud of you getting this big. You are #1 on iTunes. And remember when you were at Magcon. You have changed so much, but at the same time you are still that same boy. No matter what happens the Mendes Army will always be here for you. We love you Shawn, never forget it✌️

I literally have this song on REPLAY! Will there be a music video? I hope so!

Zayyyyuuuuummm Baaaeeeee!❤️

I got: Shawn Mendes! Which Magcon Personality Are You Alike? My bestie Sisanda got Shawn and to be honest they are a perfect match no joke use this quizz no joke

Both pictures are cute ❤️

Puberty hit Cameron Dallas harder than that bus hit Regina George

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NASH GRIER IS UGLY! *waits* *looks around* I don't know what I was expecting, Nash Grier to come bursting through my window to hug me? Let me just go cry in a corner now.