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If you get mad, I'll tighten the lids on all the jars so you come to me. this is probably the cutest thing I have ever read in my life.

I've wanted to do this ever since I was a little girl - to be so secure in God that I can laugh at the days to come. Still do!

Hand Painted 9 x 12 canvas with Bible verse on it. Proverbs (She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can smile at the days to come.

I'm not living for applause. I'm already so adored. It's all HIS stage. HE knows my name. HE calls me chosen.   You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. So be the best YOU for YOU!

No matter how alone I feel at times with the constant demands of life, "make no mistake He knows my name". Praise God for His never ending love and grace. - Desire To Mold A Godly Marriage

You know nothing about me or my life. Im a stranger to you and im keeping it that way!

I lost a friend but she was fake so were now strangers with memories. Dont really miss her she was a backstabbing friend, she talked alot of crap so im not sad about losing her. Srry if u think thats rude but its the truth😀😐😑

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[your voice holds me together // when I feel like I’m falling apart // I place my world in Your hands // You come and steady my heart] Nearness by Jenn Johnson ‪

10 Fab Brush Calligraphy Fonts. I've hand picked ten of my very favorite Brush Calligraphy fonts! Which one is your favorite?

10 Fab Brush Calligraphy Fonts

10 Fab Brush Calligraphy Fonts Click any title or the image to be taken to the font. 10 Fab Brush Calligraphy Fonts If you are like me then you have a serious thing for fonts! These brush calligraphy