OATBook - Add Alternate Dosage Wireframe

OATBook - Add Alternate Dosage Wireframe, via dribbble, by Rob Cleaton

Edit Setting/Viewing selection by Josh Hemsley

Edit Setting/Viewing selection

30  stunning and modern UI designs | From up North

User interface inspiration

Velo Neon Rosa by Darren Geraghty

Velo Neon Rosa

An app concept I designed a while back because I felt there was a need for a simple usable cycling monitor. The app visualized the standard speed, distance but would also sync with on-bike/person s.

user interface

User Interface Design is an extremely important so we decided to create a UI design showcase and present you 25 best UI design projects you can learn from.

iPhone Apps UI Design

40 Inspiring iPhone App UI designs

Web design trends 2013

Web Design Trends 2013


Specs - iPhone - UI/UX/iOS

I have to be honest, this is not my favorite part of the design.