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Good Morning, Today I am grateful for having the past week off to enjoy with my husband, mutt, family and friends. Check out my website to find ways to make 2016 the best @ www.ericagreenberg.mywellandcompany.com

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I am grateful for being able to have alone time. Being alone gives me the opportunity to recharge and hear what is going on inside me. For some people, quiet walks is their form of meditation. Meditating has many health benefits and of the Daily 5 practices of Well and Company. Visit my website to learn more @ erica.greenberg.mywellandcomany.com

Good Morning! Today I am grateful for the rain as in CA we need it and I miss it. I enjoy listening to the sound of it and seeing the mountains turn green again. To learn ways to embrace your day check out my website @ www.ericagreenberg.mywellandcompany.com

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International Men’s Day is a time for many people to reflect on the contributions, sacrifices and progress made by men in society. Such progress includes that of men working together with women to make #educational, #economic, #social, and #technological advances in society. #Theme for the #International #Men's #Day 2014 is "Working Together for Men and Boys". #International #Men's Day November 19, 2014. http://www.globalwebslink.com/

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