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Mason's Castle, New York

Dundas Castle -- "an amazing piece of abandoned American history" -- now lies hidden on a sprawling 964 acres of forestland in Roscoe, NY. Love the green!

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“I've crossed some kind of invisible line. I feel as if I've come to a place I never thought I'd have to come to. It's a strange place. It's a place where a little harmless dreaming and then some sleepy, early-morni

abandoned chateau by snugglebunny1965

Beauty of decay Castle england abandoned castle Abandoned Castel of Messines chapel in Lede, East Flanders, Belgium.

Abandoned Church on Lime Kiln Road, Fredrick, MD. Photo by podolux taken on April 13, 2013

Long neglected church on Lime Kiln Road, Frederick County, MD.

https://flic.kr/p/9mSgPA | Wheelchair in asylum D | Thanks to Rusty who found this nice example of old wheelchair in this magic old lunatic asylum. The place closed down in the late 1990s, at a age of 150.  From the "1000 miles and running" tour. 10 urbex locations all around UK in 4 days.   Picture used by the band Chain Reaction on the cover of Revolving Floor album.

Wheelchair in asylum D (UK). The place closed down in the late at a age of 150 By [AndreasS]