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Mahina Alexander #tiedye #northshore #hawaii

Mahina Alexander #tiedye #northshore #hawaii

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Deep below: She is a champion spear-fisher and regularly hunts in the blue waters off the coasts of her native island of Hawaii

What a catch! Glamorous spear fishing champion

Glamorous spear fishing champion Kimi Werner can hold her breath for nearly five minutes

Hidden Hawaii: The night farmers market in Kalapana on the Big Island

Hidden Hawaii: The Night Farmers Market in Kalapana on the Big Island

HIDDEN HAWAII: Kalapana farmers market is a lively night market with over 700 people showing up each Wednesday night for fresh produce, tasty food and live music entertainment. Aloha and welcome everyone!

cute drawings of turtles - Google Search

Turtle tattoo, maybe on back of hand by webbing of thumb, where I can see it often to help me remember to be patient :)

Hawaii House: perfect location for grilling outdoors. #contest                                                                                                                                                                                 More

13 Homes That Will Make You Wish for a Permanent Beach House

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Molten lava cascades over a 30 foot cliff, creating new land at its base, Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

Hawaiian Recipes

Look at the insane colors going on in that photo---amazing!--Molten lava cascades over a 30 foot cliff, creating new land at its base, Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

The grandmother was teaching the granddaughter the wisdom that we were once all strangers in a strange land and that we’re judged by how we treat those who have the least.

Building Spiritual Capital

THIS IS NOT a wild dolphin. Wild dolphins would not let a human "kiss" them. Sadly this cutie is a captive dolphin, trained to perform for a dead fish :(