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Fern Burgundy Lace (Athyrium Niponicum pictum)

Fern Japanese Painted Fern Burgundy Lace Height: Medium 1-3" (Plant 2 apart) Bloom Time: Not Applicable Sun-Shade: Mostly Sunny to Full Shade Zones: 4-8 Soil Condition: Normal, Clay, Sandy Dramatic purple fronds frosted with shimmering silver. A perfect foliar color punch for container combos, edging; adaptable and more tolerant of heat, sun and clay than most ferns. Fern Burgundy lace is a real showstopper. Clumping.

Athyrium niponicum 'Regal Red'Japanese painted fern The dark violet red interior of each 'Regal Red' frond is contrasted by bright silver edges making each leaflet distinct and creating an overall tapestry effect. combines beautifully with red-purple Heucheras such as 'Plum Pudding' and blue sedges like Carex platyphylla or C. 'Blue Zinger'. Pricing: 'Regal Red' LP32 - 32 per flat $48.00 Height 12-18 Inches Spread 18-24 Inches

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Stately ostrich fern is a tough perennial that loves moist, shady spots. Its light green fronds add delicate texture to the garden as they unfurl -- despite the plant's sturdy, carefree nature. This fern spreads by underground rhizomes, but you can keep it in bounds by digging out unwanted shoots. Name: Matteuccia struthiopteris

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Hakonechloa macra All Gold, asarum, gold heuchera, Japanese painted fern, hosta

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evergreen Asarum europeaum, Hosta 'June,' Hakonechloa 'All Gold,' and the Japanese painted fern, Athyrium