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yeah we don't work. LOL try sweeping out a barn almost every day plus taking care of five other kind of animals! sorry I guess that sounded like a lot more work in my head, but it is NOT

Horse girl problems Such a stupid thing to think. Just because you don't compete doesn't mean you aren't a good rider.

Yep!!! I'm not. Trust me. ;) We shop at wal-marts, we eat at McDonalds, we watch our money, we buy furniture and etc on Craigslist just to save money, we have to buy a lot of stuff at yardsales, we aren't rich. I WORKED for my horse, and I still do. I am NOT spoiled.

This is why there's always dirt on my cheeks: horse kisses. And you can't wipe it off in front of them; that would be rude! :)

I do not correct grammar. Its rude. I love proofreading others work though. And i love seeking information. Natural problem solver.