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Mad Men Beer Packaging Design by Samantha Mancl, via Behance

Mad Men Beer Packaging Design and Sperry Authentic Original Packaging Design by Samantha Mancl is an usa based young designer that is centered around Graphic Design.

Stunning packaging designs | From up North

Packaging inspiration

Gauss packaging- - great illustrations of the product inside the box. i like how it is on black colour background as if it was in the 'dark'. it makes sense as that is when u need a light bulb.

34 Coolest Food Packaging Designs Of 2012

///// Root Beer concept for the fictional "Ipswich Brewing Company", for college project (Jordan Bell, James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani). See other designs by the group by clicking the image.

Jackeen, entre los 15 mejores #packaging de cerveza

Licores Reyes on

Jackeen, a fictitious microbrewery based in Dublin, specializes in artisan, organic beers.

Harumph! Brewing Co.

Harumph! Brewing Co.

is a package design and brand for a fictional beer company. It's target audience consists of young people who revel in the spirit of beer along with the attitude and charisma that pairs wi.

Rethink Table Wine. Jug wine is rarely a thing of elegance, but the people at Rethink Communications turned this truth on its head with their own wine packaging design.  Rethink Table Wine is a conceptual product used to showcase this design firm’s talents with packaging. http://www.rethinkcanada.com/

The Design of Wine: 30 Brilliant Wine Packaging Designs

Table Wine An interesting take. Making the generic "Table Wine" so much more prominent than the vintner name (Tulip Table) seems to dilute brand, but the bottle choice and cap are gorgeous.

Domino’s handmade pizza box design

The just created pizza boxes for Domino’s new Handmade Pan Pizza re-inforce the idea of fresh and handmade. With little facts all over the box, it makes it almost as entertaining as the pizza inside.

The oldest beer ad ever found was seen on a clay tablet from 4000 BC, and it is said that ancient Babylonians were so serious about their

20 of the Most Creative Beer Packaging Designs Ever

All good farm house ales need a barn of course. This is how easy it was to create the new 2 pack carry case for Niagara Oast House Brewers' Farmhouse Ales

Broken Mirror Brewery—Beer Bottle Sampler (The creative packaging for this beer bottle sampler was created by student designer Erin Schlesinger)

10 Intoxicating Beer Packaging Designs

The creative packaging for this Broken Mirror Brewery beer bottle sampler was created by student designer Erin Schlesinger, whose work was recognized in the HOW International Design Awards.

パッケージデザインvol.5 参考になる優れたパッケージデザイン20をご紹介(金曜日企画)

パッケージデザインvol.5 参考になる優れたパッケージデザイン20をご紹介(金曜日企画)

The 2014 Warsteiner Art Beer Collection.  Six artist designed bottles by Kevin Lyons, Fafi, Ron English, D*Face, James Jean et Roids in one interesting package.

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Missed this 2014 Warsteiner Art Beer Collection top 2014 team pin. Six artist designed bottles by Kevin Lyons, Fafi, Ron English, D*Face, James Jean et Roids in one interesting package PD

This Left Field Cider Co Bottle Design is Elegantly Rustic #packaging trendhunter.com

Artisan Brew Branding

Also Known As Studio + Design took a craftsmanship approach to this English style cider when creating a label design for Left Field Cider Co. The label is adaptable to each batch and year its created.