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Political Pioneer Vino Branding

This bottle of milk is in my opinion greatly designed. It captured my attention immediately. I find it to be a very beautiful bottle. After doing a bit of research, I found out that this is actually a bottle of wine, named after Harvey Milk who fought for rights in San Francisco. Interesting.

Branding and packaging for an Icelandic micro-brewery called Þorsteinn (Thorsteinn), which loosely translates into ‘thirsty one’ - designed by Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason, Hlynur Ingólfsson and Geir Olafsson / Iceland Academy of the Arts #design #corporate_branding

7 Christmas Packaging You Shouldn't Miss

7 Christmas Packaging You Shouldn't Miss on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Creating engaging identities for wine bottles... kind of makes me want to get to know a couple - Nordens största tidning för kreativa formgivare

Concepts We Wish Were Real

Sometimes we love a packaging concept that provides a practical solution, other times we love it for its aesthetic appeal. This week's collections has both; from functional all-in-one packages to beers designed after corresponding Pantone swatches. All concepts, all awesome, and all we wish were real.