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Real #Goldfish or #Painting? #art #Japanese

Riusuke Fukahori The Sun Japanese sushi oke, resin, acrylic 2013 inch diameter x 4 inches

The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi #infographic ~ Visualistan

The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi #infographic

The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi ~ Visualistan [ "The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi ~ Visualistan [ \"One Infographic Sums Up How Not To Eat Su

Ever seen Jiro dreams of sushi? Today's infographic is kind of a refresher on the amount of training needed to become a real sushi chef, or Itamae-San. It'll also cover sushi etiquette and traditional aspects of the sushi culture.

Mastering The Art Of Sushi [Infographic

Food as Art: The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi. Did you know that you should eat sushi fish-down, NOT rice-down? Or that you should only mix wasabi with soy sauce for certain types of sushi? Check out this for all things sushi.

Pork Okonomiyaki | Chef Taro. Oh for the love of pete, why aren't there any Asian markets here? WANT.

Lauren, here's an infographic on how to make Pork Okonomiyaki. Imagine this, but with a ton of seafood instead of pork :P

japanese breakfast | [by Travel Associates on Flickr]

In Japanese food terminology, the word “sushi’ actually refers to vinegar rice, and not fish, while the word “sashimi” means pierced flesh.

Japanese Sushi Names | POPSUGAR Food

Squee With Delight at These Bouncing Sushi GIFs

Infographic: Japanese Food Terms You Should Know To Be A Sushi Expert - DesignTAXI.com

Sushi Japanese word, How many you know it? You can enjoy the unique sushi words that you hear when you go to the sushi bar. Next time Please hear words of the sushi chef well, be a new discovery .