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Raspberry Kefir Ice Pops

Cool off with probiotic rich Raspberry Kefir Ice Pops. Kefir ice pops are a healthy, calcium rich probiotic treat that your tastebuds and body will love.

Kefir Smoothie  Makes 2 servings  Ingredients:  Frozen or Fresh Fruit (1 cup) Use mangoes, banana, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi  or oranges.  Kefir – 1cup (8 oz.)  Honey or raw sugar – 2 tsp.  Flax oil – 2 tsp. (optional)  Whey protein powder – 2 tsp.  Method:  Blend all ingredients together till smooth

kefir smoothies - use friendly fruits and substitute the sweetener. can use truvia. or use a full scoop of protein powder, instead.

Some mornings I get into the rut of making my kids the same old breakfast recipes. While I'm comforted by the fact that they love what I make them (Chloe could eat egg and cheese omelettes until she is blue in the face and Kenya, as you may know from last week's post, is obsessed as of late with museli, it can make me feel like I'm a lazy mom. The biggest issue for me is time. Between me not having a lot of it in the morning and the amount of it it takes my little ones to eat (Ke...

Smoothie Your Way

Find over 700 easy family recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Including homemade baby food recipes, toddler food, and school lunch ideas at Weelicious.

Cherry Mango Water Kefir Smoothie - The Humbled Homemaker

Cherry Mango Smoothie

Ingredients 2 cups fresh or frozen mango, cubed 1 cups plain water kefir 1 cup frozen cherries cup pineapple chunks, fresh or canned

Night snack... Strawberry stuck on kefir, ^_^

Strawberry stuck on kefir, ^_^

chocolate covered cherry kefir smoothie - i would use raw cacao powder instead of chips but I'm sure both are delicious!

chocolate covered cherry kefir smoothie

chocolate covered cherry kefir smoothie - delicious, decadent and nutritious! Enjoy this pro-biotic, nutrient dense smoothie as a treat or dessert!

Strawberry Coconut Frozen Fruit Pops / Smoothie – Gluten-free, Vegan + Sugar-free by Tasty Yummies

Strawberry Coconut Frozen Fruit Pops / Smoothie – Gluten-free, Vegan + Sugar-free by Tasty Yummies - the Banana is not in phase but you can add other berries to make flavors from the approved fruits! And the chia seeds.