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The Goat-blings Meet Frisk And Flowey!Gaster by thegreatrouge on DeviantArt

get well soon dear brother   aww, how did you guys know it was my birthday? my headcanon for Chara in the original universe and even this one is that.

[[Tumblr Post Version]] With the recent events in TheCrayonQueen's Aftertale comic (if you haven’t read it yet, you should. It’s amazing.), it got me thinking.“Aww, Sans...

After 30 plus years of singing the same song, dealing with kids on a daily basis, constantly left powered-on Eventually, you blow a fuse or two. In ol' Fazbear's case, it's literal. So cut .

Y aqui las cosas que pensamos del juego de undertale...

Asi Pensamos Los Fans De Undertale Y Quee!!

sorry to all mlp haters, but this moment was gold and it works well for this scenario: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToR5sF… so silly sc!sans invited pap and undyne for a piknic, decided to leave ...

have some none-evil  *altertale(c) friisans *art(c) tgr

This is literally me tho

So I'm basically Sans, I literally pop my back ALL THE TIME because it stiffens up painfully throughout the day<<< my finger is weird it pops foreword when I pull it back too far

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Undertale - Underfell, Undertale, and Underswap Sans' look at each others photos of Frisk


nice Mettaton and Frisk, Undertale. - a grouped images picture