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If you want to run your art sense and you think it is too difficult for you because you think an art work needs expensive tools and mediums, well then you are wrong.

Greater Bird of Paradise. 2013 by paper artist Diana Beltran Herrera.

Wallpaper iPhone

Wallpaper iPhone - it's amazing what paper art installation pop up can be used for!

Year after year, artist and designer Diana Beltran Herrera (previously) continues to astound with her near perfectly accurate reproductions of birds using paper. The fragile sculptures shown here are a mix of private commissions and pieces for several luxury brands who use her work i

Bluebird and Meadowlark - New Lifelike Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera

Anna-Wili Highfield paper and mixed media sculptures!

Anna-Wili Highfield creates paper sculptures from painted cotton paper and cotton pipe bent into shape to form a "line drawing" outline.

Sarah Dennis, Papercut artist, at work     http://sarah-dennis.co.uk/

paper cut artist and illustrator, paper cutting, workshops and illustration


Conheça a arte surreal de Rustam QBIC

Surreal Drawings, Paintings and Murals by Rustam QBic street art murals drawing

Sheep Grazing, Oil by Henry Moore (1898-1986, United Kingdom)

one of my most FAVORITE things in this entire world is Henry Moore's sheep drawings, along with sheep themselves and of course Henry Moore and the sculptures he made for the sheep as well.

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Awesome books are awesome

Altered Book Art by Brian Dettmer. The book lover in me is horrified at altering these books but the art is amazing!