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guys I can't decide if I ship Stucky or not

guys I can't decide if I ship Stucky or not << right cause like I also ship Winterwidow

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Even better: when Bucky comes home he is tackled by post-serum Steve and while they kiss the rest of the platoon is just staring at their buddy being kissed by Captain America (whom Bucky calls 'Stevie')

94 Likes, 2 Comments - Stucky account (@stucky_is_love) on Instagram: “Found that WAY back in my gallery but I love it so much. [Credit is in the picture] ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○…”

This could be applied to spirk too (*sobs* handsome blonde Captains with their beautiful husbands and second in commands)


[Doujinshi] Thorki vs Stucky #5

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Smutty Stucky One-Shots - Lick the icing off

Love is in the air... (?

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I don't ship Stucky, but this was too cute to pass up<<< I do, so motherfucking badly

Can the Stucky ship not make me wanna squeal and cry at the same time? It's getting to be a real problem.

Oh, men and uniforms. Army is like candy store for me :)

XD "Sign me up for the next war!" Hello Captain Rogers is way better then Sebastian Stan!

I can't tell you how much I love war-time and pre-war Stucky! Art by http://theonekierce.tumblr.com

theonekierce: For reserve who asked for someone to draw Steve and Bucky in this picture:

Awwwwww he's drinking milk!!!

If Steve offers milk, Bucky’ll probably show up. Bucky won't drink milk from Pierce, but as soon as Steve offers it.<<<Why would anyone wanna drink Pierce's milk? Its probably a fugitive for out of date milk crimes