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Outdoor Horse Wash Stalls | Outdoor wash stall / grooming rack - Horses

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Most common mistakes when building an outdoor equestrian arena - great instructional.

Most Common Mistakes When Building An Outdoor Equestrian Arena - Martin Collins USA

Beautiful outdoor arena I'd probably add more greenery around the edges to make it more welcoming

McVeigh Parker Farming, Fencing and Equestrian News.: How To Erect A Riding Arena From McVeigh Parker

Round pen connected to arena. Great idea plus it looks really nice. The only think I'd change would be that I'd add another gate on the outside of the round pen.

Round pen attached to the ring. I would add an outside gate to the round pen in case someone is using the arena.

Outdoor Horse Wash Rack Wow.. this is really neat looking!

Smart: a completely enclosed outdoor wash rack -- or wash stall really -- keeps a horse safe during bathtime. The solid walls also allow you to build in racks, hooks, and a hose hanger, safely outside of the horse's reach but well within yours.