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If the tributes had iPhones... hmm...

If the tributes had iPhones. Oh my gosh, I wish my Siri would do this!

Hide yo kids hide yo wife

Top 100 Computer Trends of 2012

Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wifi I laugh when all the other names vome up

celeb photo bombs

Funny pictures about Celebrity photobombs. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity photobombs. Also, Celebrity photobombs photos.


Funny Pictures Fixes Everything – 32 Pics

The YOLOcaust this is terrible. and im laughing. im a bad person.

all the time!!!!!!!

Every time. That evil banana peel gets me everytime on mario kart!

Things boys do that we love...not sure why there's so many Hitler references buuuuut oh well

Funny pictures about Things boys do. Oh, and cool pics about Things boys do. Also, Things boys do.

HAHA not sure if this is "an asian thing" or a "sisterly giggle". Lopan's daughter right there.

asian babies: sweet and cute until a new sibling destroys the delicate balance the babies worked so hard to create!

Looks like a tree...smells like a tree...seems legit to me.

Funny pictures about Christmas in College. Oh, and cool pics about Christmas in College. Also, Christmas in College.