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Are you prepared to cloth diaper a newborn? Northern Virginia Real Diaper Circle Leader @Angela Torres, shares her experience upon realizing that the tiny diapers didn't fit.

I wanted to share. It is so worth it! I am glad I did it and encourage others. It isn't that much work, great for their bums, and great for the environment!

How many cloth diapers do you need

10 Cloth Diaper Accessories That Make Life EASY

10 awesome, simple and CHEAP accessories that will make cloth diapering EASY! #ClothDiapers #ClothAccessories #DiaperSprayer *PIN NOW, READ LATER!

Why We Chose bumGenius Cloth Diapers

In our last video we showed you our cloth diaper setup, and people wrote in and asked us why we chose bumGenius. (See bumGenius diaper...