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11 Reasons Why Republicans Shouldn't Leave America

Don't pack your bags for Canada just yet friends!..

Comparing George W. Bush to Donald Trump

Roughly 10% less democrats voted in the 2016 election, over five million votes, then they did in the 2012 election and that is how Trump was elected. If you want to blame someone, blame those too lazy to find the time to vote.

Ha! First Glengarry Glen Ross and now Drumpf. Baldwin can now do no wrong in my eyes.

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We know Crooked Pervert Donnie has No Integrity...but Misinforming lying Media is showing NO INTEGRITY at all!!

Mallard Fillmore 12/20/2016

Year in Memes

Here is the message @marcorubio campaign says comes from team @tedcruz on @facebook impersonating Trey Gowdy — Political Musings (@PoliSci_Blend) February 16, 2016 Fake Cruz Meme When: February 16 Started by: Trey Gowdy Prayers The meme wars got ugly in February when Marco Rubio accused fellow presidential contender Ted Cruz of dirty Facebook tricks: Cruz operatives reportedly spread a deceptive endorsement from a fake account (“Trey Gowdy Prayers”) named for…

Karl Marx is a big representation in real communism not to be misunderstood by those not realizing what true communism is.

Mallard Fillmore 12/19/2016