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Me: Sora is a precious ball of sunshine. Some person: He's a fictio- Me: PRECIOUS BALL OF SUNSHINE!

Why you should play Kingdom Hearts <<< I believe the term "dork" is the preferred nomenclature

When it comes to anime, I am selectively on board....this is one of those things I am totally down with. Kingdom Hearts is awesome.

Fan made of KH dream drop distance hope you loke it ^^ Sora FanArt - Kingdom hearts wallpaper

10423950_902727376406280_7160410678654685340_n.jpg (640×352)

Kingdom hearts shaming < I love how Riku's face is just "I f***ed up and didn't notice till, "whoops.

Kingdom hearts 3D. >3< /excited BTW, we're selling a KH3D doujin over here: please check em out :>

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Riku and Sora Credits to the artist

Friendship throughout the years

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Kingdom Hearts Riku and Sora

Sora and Riku ~ My children! I can't wait till the REAL plot starts going down