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Is Artificial Intelligence the Biggest Threat to Jobs? (Well, if we don't improve education and training, WE are our own biggest threat to jobs...

Chatbot news: Albert's artificial intelligence robot (AI robot) uses smart technology to help retailers drive ROI and sales.

How Technology is Rapidly Replacing American Workers, but Just Might Spare You

The Types of Jobs That Won't Be Taken Over By Artificial Intelligence

The Types of Jobs That Won't Be Taken Over By Artificial Intelligence - rss everything

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Brand Grow - Love a good success story? Learn how I went from zero to 1 million in sales in 5 months with an e-commerce store.

Marketers, take note: Artificial intelligence is already helping brands grow and improve their advertising, customer service, web design, and SEO.

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity: The future is here. |

We’re a very long way from putting artificial intelligence (AI) in charge of national defense, the use of AI in cybersecurity isn’t science fiction.

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Science Links Anxiety to High IQ’S & Sentinel Intelligence: The human brain is the most complex biological machine in the known Universe, and our understanding of its inner workings is made all the more challenging

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We have greater moral obligations to robots than to humans – Eric Schwitzgebel

Galaxy S8 vai ter assistente virtual baseada em IA. Chama-se Viv e é parente da Siri

'Daddy's Car' by Flow Machines artificial intelligence software is the first complete pop song composed by AI. It is in the style of The Beatles.

How Machine Learning Big Data And AI Are Changing Healthcare Forever While robots and computers will probably never completely replace doctors and nurses machine learning/deep learning and AI are transforming the healthcare industry improving outcomes and changing the way doctors think about providing care. @tachyeonz

How Machine Learning, Big Data And AI Are Changing Healthcare Forever

Cannabis Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease - #MMJ #Parkinsons -,69cbc1cf-9596-adfa-6c07-28d492634143

Can Medical Marijuana Ease the Development of Parkinson’s disease?

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