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Original language: Dutch | 424 pp. | October 2016 | 2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights | Rights Sold: Bulgaria (Panorama) | LITERARY FICTION - Western Europe at the end of the 19th century. For the first time in history a Shah of Persia travels through Europe in one of the Old Continent’s most fascinating times. He travels by train and boat and in his wake is an awesome procession of feuding family members, jealous courtiers, servants and messengers.

Original language:Dutch | 328 pp. | 2014 | 2 Seas Represents: World Excl Dutch | Rights Sold: Czech Republic (XYZ-Albatros), Slovakia (Albatros Media) | FICTION -In short and honest, seemingly light-hearted diary entries Hendrik Groen takes the reader along for a year full of ups and downs in a retirement home in the north of Amsterdam. On the last day of the year it will be hard to say goodbye to this charming character…

48/52 Hendrik Groen - Zolang er leven is. Het nieuwe geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen, 85 jaar.

Original language: French | 530 pp. | 2016 | 2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights Excl. Germany, Italy, Korea, Greece, and Spain. | Rights Sold: Thailand (Suan Nguyen Mee Ma). | PSYCHOLOGY - They draw the most essential lessons from their life paths, their reading and their years of personal and professional research in order to accompany each of us on our road through life. Through them, each of us can learn about the task of living.

Quelques heures avant de partir fêter Noël en famille, un homme de 54 ans décide de reprendre sa vie en main. Il doit choisir entre sa femme et sa fille à Marseille et sa maîtresse à Paris. Cette double vie ne lui ressemble pas. Il aime ses deux vies, mais il n'aime pas l'infidélité. Premier roman.

Original language: English | 235 pp. | 2015 | 2 Seas Represents: World Excl English. | Rights Sold: Brazil (Primavera Editorial) | BUSINESS - You can become a rich employee with the mindset and techniques described in this book. Not only that: companies in this new century will only succeed if they encourage their employees to develop a Rich Employee mindset.

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Original language: French | 548 pp.| November 2015 | 2 Seas Represents: World Excl French | Rights Sold: Bulgaria (Millenium Publishers) | THRILLER/FICTION- A few days earlier, the victim had received a poison-pen letter signed with a strange name: Judex. What does that black-caped avenger from the 1910s have to do with this case? When a self-styled avenger decides to strike at the highest levels of government and national security, the whole system begins to quake.The Predators’ Ball has…

Original Language: Turkish | 230 pp. | 1979 | 7 reprints | 2 Seas Represents: Translation Rights World Wide, except English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian | Rights Sold: English (World Rights, New Directions), German (Literaturca), Korean (Sigongsa), Russian (Amphora), Spanish (Peru only, Estruendomudo), and Ukrainian (Folio) | FICTION | A surreal, utterly unique novel. In an ancient Mediterranean city, a tradition is maintained: every ten years an archaic game of human chess is staged...