..omg I am you can literally feel the cuteness love and devotion of milk for his food and fridge

I literally started laughing out loud, and my mom just started staring at me. love you niall

Niall, I will give you as much food as you want! And we'll eat it together.  It will be fun❤️

Hello everybody. It's Niall from One Direction. I want to ask an important question: DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD FOR ME?

Im literally crying... But, this is so true.... ♥ *breathes heavily, and keeps crying...*

I am literally crying inside but i will never tear down my posters or do anything like that. I love the boys and i cant imagine how it would be without them

They understand me so much. But it's also the same with 5sos. I annoyed my dad in the car the other day just by saying the names of the people singing. I made him listen to them and then I made him also listen to me saying their names.

They totally get me! Now it's real easy to tell who's singing now :)

Haha :D

This is how we will know when the world is ending. When Niall Horan says that he's full.haha<<< Lol or Niall must be really sick. Either way it's bad haha