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어떻게 보면 좋은 자료이긴 한데...엄....뭐라 해야 충격과 충격의 충격인걸 알아주실지..허허;;;

Haha, that's too fun

Boobs drawing refrence though I doubt I'll ever be good enough to use it

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Video tutoriales para aprender a dibujar manos

[Basic] human anatomy textbook reference and learning ~ hope for large ...

Guías de dibujo: Anatomía y movimientos del cuerpo

Drawing tips. Shadowing on the face

Different lighting direction on a face. This is directional lighting that could affect a costume designer if the lighting designer isn't careful.

Practice Sketches 3 (WaterBender Poses) by R-a-v-3-n on DeviantArt

Practice Sketches 3 (WaterBender Poses) by on DeviantArt