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The Daily Prompt: Day 14: Wonder wonder

Do the crazy thing, the hard-to-imagine-but-somehow-you-did thing, the thing on your heart. Do it and let them gasp right before they call it a thing of wonder.

Yep...ice cream tastes good but not better than the feeling I get after I workout...

great quote - 6 months from now you're not gonna remember how those cookies tasted; but 6 months from now you will be able to see results.

For Steve Jobs--this is so nicely designed

The 50 Best Steve Jobs Tributes From All Over The World

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle, as with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it and, like any great relationship it just gets better & better as the years roll on.

The AMS Manifesto - Multicolour Art Print

The AMS Manifesto by Anneke Short, Reminding myself to laugh, because life is really funny

Finding the positive- This pin means to me that even on the deepest darkest day, find the good of something. Always look on the bright side of things.

"It's up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days" / positive quotes for inspiration / Life With / Chronic Illness

curbly #interiors #design #DIY

Rules of a creator's life edition Do more than you're told to do. Try new things. Teach others about what you know. Make work into play. Take breaks. Work when others are resting. Always be creating. Make your own inspiration. Love what you do, or leave.

I need this poster!

Quotation from the Dr. Seuss book, Oh! The Places You'll Go! (image courtesy of Find more books by and about Dr. Seuss on the DCAD Library online catalog: NC 1999 Dr. Seuss goes to w.

You got that right !! This WOMEN right here will NEVER fall in the shadow of anyone else ! Just a lil FYI the thing we find the most hilarious is If in front of his kids he denies you being his wife or having his last name & behind your back he tells our son that you are to clingy and he needed to put you on ✔️ and put a STOP to that shit because you bugged the shit out of him all the time . You truly are making your ass look really really stupid ! Because at the end of the day we know who

Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else - Judy Garland. Lettering by Molly Jacques

This is SO SO SO true! Amazingly true. I Still don't feel like the greatest designer but I know that I am getting better with every design and idea. My old stuff wasn't good and I wanted to quit, So glad I didn't.

The truth // Ira Glass. Calling all writers, artists and creative people. Great inspirational quote to keep going.


"We must carry forward the work of the women who came before us and ensure our daughters have no limits on their dreams, no obstacles to their achievements and no remaining ceilings to shatter.' - US President Barack Obama