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There are seven additional signs of a stroke that are unique to women, according to the National Stroke Association. These are: sudden pain in the face or extremities sudden chest pain, heart palpitations, or shortness of breath sudden hiccups or nausea sudden weakness

The American Heart Association created a memory tool as an easy way to identify the signs of a stroke. If someone you know might be having a stroke, it’s important to think F.A.S.T.: Face Drooping Arm weakness Slurring of speech Time to call 911

Strokes are the third leading cause of death in women in the United States (and fifth leading cause of death in men). They are also a major cause of long-term disability. A non-fatal stroke can result in complications that severely impact a person’s well-being and way of life. Therefore, quick action and treatment is vital to avoid complications from ischemic stroke, which accounts for 87 percent of all types of strokes.

Strokes are prevalent in women. Over 425,000 women suffer from a stroke every year—55,000 more than men. Of that 425,000, over 76,000 women will die from stroke-related complications, twice as many as those who will die from breast cancer.

The quicker you recognize the signs of stroke and seek medical care, the higher your likelihood is of having a successful recovery. Although strokes are the fourth leading cause of death in men, most men are unable to list even one sign of a stroke. It is important for men to know how to identify that a stroke is happening, steps they can take to prevent them, and what types of complications may arise from strokes.

A mini-stroke has stroke-like symptoms and can temporarily keep oxygen from reaching the brain. There is no permanent damage from a mini-stroke, but it can lead to a larger stroke if you are not monitored by a doctor after experiencing symptoms.

A 2015 group study of stroke patients aged 29 to 78 revealed the incorporation of video games to be very motivating. Rehabilitative results were no better in one group than in another, but the gaming group reported higher levels of contentment. Increased engagement and motivation is credited to the competitive nature of the games, as well as the inclusion of music and fun imagery.

Supine Positioning: You will need a few small pillows for this. Place one small pillow under your shoulder and scapula. This will help promote protraction. Add another pillow under the affected arm to help promote extension. Place an additional pillow under your pelvis to promote anterior pelvic tilt. Place a final pillow under your affected side’s knee to prevent hyperextension.