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Lista 151 Pokemonów w Pokemon Go - Pokemon Go Polska

Lista 151 Pokemonów w Pokemon Go - Pokemon Go Polska

I could try a whole year and never make a single one as good as these

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Pokemon shaming:

The funny side of training pokemon pokemon shaming

I remember being four when I watched this and getting SERIOUSLY ANGRY because Charmander HAS A FIRE TAIL. HE CAN BREATH FIRE. and yeah

Must. Resist. Tears.

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Team rocket is the reason I love cheesy puns

First Pokemon by type.

Third Evolution starter pokemon in their natural habitat.

oh my god i can't take it this...is...so...KAWAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Jesse x James, after a lot of thunder shocks and bolts, and explosions and all that, well, they deserve a happy ending themselves.

They where the heros

prepare for trouble

They want to grow up! <<< they should stay that way forever. SO ADOWABLEE

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The last one I finally know how I caught a mew in pokemon yellow after like 12 years

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