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Witnesses of the Incident!  https://goo.gl/DTqZDU

JetBlue Passenger Just Owned Ivanka Trump With This Epic Statement – Liberal Society

NAACP President Calls  http://ift.tt/2jcNP0I

NAACP President Calls http://ift.tt/2jcNP0I

Hillary Needs Comfort Democrats.  http://democraticmoms.com/cold-comfort-hillary/

Hillary Needs Comfort Democrats. http://democraticmoms.com/cold-comfort-hillary/

Is she the really why we lost?  Check this out: http://democraticmoms.com/clinton-advisers-point-fingers-huma-abedin-inner-circle-loss/

Huma Abedin: Neither simply body woman or scheduler, Clinton’s long-time aide acts as shield, translator, and history keeper.

We can’t change assumptions about what a leader looks like unless we change what leaders look like.

Go Ahead, Play the Woman Card

"go ahead, play the woman card," op-ed, nytimes, may 2016

So here comes Jill Stein Again.  http://democraticmoms.com/wisconsin-recount-update-jill-stein-spent-53k-per-extra-vote/

Millions of wasted dollars later, Trump gains votes during recount in Wisconsin

That was a big NOPE!!! What will happen? Hit the link: http://democraticmoms.com/looming-revolution-jewish-american-politics/

Women’s March gegen Trump: Darum protestieren Frauen aus aller Welt

New patriotic movie blasts the media - Article by Cliff Kincaid, a veteran journalist and media critic. The movie?  "Lone Survivor" starring Mark Wahlberg,  I didn't know it was a must-see until I read this article!

Liberalism, mental disorders and the Maryland mall shooter- Marijuana and psychotic behaviour

Resist. We must conquer. Do you agree?

Warren calls on Democrats to resist: ‘Republicans do not have majority support in this country