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This is wicked

Optical Illusion are always fun to watch. Many of the optical Illusions will twist our mind. Here are few of such optical Illusions to twist your mind.

a very long pin... but worth it. if anybody know the artist, please tell me so I can add source. edit: thanx for helping identify the artist. this is her deviant-page: http://jellyvampire.deviantart.com/  and the funny part? she lives like half a mile from me...

Hey people who love art

Born Like An Artist. Not just being an artist though, everything, life in general, every dream. No borders.


One of the Biggest Amazing Art Web Gallery.Providing a fresh look Art, Optical Illusion, Painting, Illusion which occurs in real life.

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Now This Is Art:

Now This Is Art

creates stunningly detailed drawings bursting with life Um what? WTF man I want to be able to draw!

loose braided updo diy wedding hairstyles ideas If I still had my long hair, this would have been a dream ❤️

Sometimes I get so sad and have an awful, empty, hollow feeling inside. The tears stream down my face and It hurts so painfully bad knowing that I'm never going to see you again.

May 2012 It has been an entire day of tears for me and so I have decided to choose my favorite sad eyes art.with this I am not alone in the emotional pain.

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