“You’re the poet of my heart” -Sara by Fleetwood Mac. Love this.

Not somsthing I would ever consider getting, but I like that someone did.


Tattoo Temple Hong Kong Is Joey Pang's Private Personal Tattoo Studio - All Bookings & Commissions Are Managed Solely By Joey Pang

Kim Michey - artnau | artnau

Kim Michey

A selection of outstanding tattoos created by Kim Michey. Kim Michey's tattoos are so wonderfully different from what we've seen so far.

Amazing tattoo art of Xoïl | inkntell

Hand and flowers woodcut & watercolor style tattoo by Xoïl, Needles Side Tattoo

elephant  Is this a TATTOO?

In my country Elephants are good luck so in many Asian homes you will find an Elephant statue somewhere.

Many of those tattoos began as paintings, Amanda Wachob.

Realistic looking bees! [“Many of these tattoos began as paintings”, Amanda Wachob.