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Beautiful ancient mosaic tile floors found throughout Israel | Ancient Shekel cufflinks @⸬  e m e r e y ⸬ barbara moffett Store Company http://www.haaretz.com/travel-in-israel/top-10-israeli-ancient-mosaic-discoveries-1.525144

A fantastic ancient floor found in the Negev is just the latest in a series of discoveries throughout the country.

Roman influenced Irish stone head.

The stone head, thought to be of the local god Antenociticus, was found by archaeologists at a Roman fort near Bishop Aucklan.

A Swiss farmer discovered the coins in his cherry orchard, after seeing a shimmering object.

Treasure trove: 4,000 Roman Coins Found in Swiss Orchard - CNN

A treasure trove of more than bronze and silver ancient Roman coins (pictured) dating back years was uncovered by a Swiss fruit-and-vegetable farmer in his cherry orchard

NBC report on how looters are stripping the ancient treasures of Bulgaria.

NBC report on how looters are stripping the ancient treasures of Bulgaria.

Historic: Haggai Ben-Shammai, academic director of Israel's National Library, displays one of the documents from a collection of discarded religious Jewish writings dated from the 10th century

Collection of ancient Hebrew manuscripts discovered in Afghanistan provide evidence Jewish people lived in country 1,000 years ago

Discovery that ancient text, Jews have been present in Afghanistan 1000 years ago, apparently

Subway construction in Netherlands digs up oldest known telescope

Telescopes (and microscopes) were invented in the Netherlands . Recently the oldest one ever was discovered during the construction of a.

ARTICLE: Mummy Scans Reveal Clogged Arteries

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CT of mummies finds heart disease an ancient problem: Coronal volume-rendered CT reconstruction showing carotid artery disease. All images courtesy of Lancet.

One of the coins found on Wessel Islands, off the Northern Territory coast. Initially rejected as having no value, may now rewrite Australian history.

'Worthless' ancient coins may hold key to distant past

Ancient Brazilians occupied the same homes for centuries

Ancient inhabitants of the southern Brazilian highlands were no strangers to the types of home improvements we enjoy today, academics from the University of Exeter have found.

L.A. subway construction unearths fossil haven- Paleontologists have recovered mollusks, asphalt-saturated sand dollars, pieces of driftwood and Monterey cypress cones. For Scott, the most exciting finds have been a rock embedded with what appears to be part of a sea lion's mouth (perhaps 2 million years old) and a non-fossilized 3-metre limb from a digger pine tree that would look right at home today in Central California woodlands.

LA subway fossils: Paleontologist Kim Scott holds a fossilized mussel shell unearthed in a subway dig in LA.: Paleontologist Kim Scott with .

Astor heir Marshall in Titanic watch 'scam' | Titanic photo signed by survivor http://www.museumstorecompany.com/Titanic-2008-edition-Autographed-and-Signed-by-Millvina-Dean-p6760.html

Astor heir Marshall in Titanic watch ‘scam’

A hat that belonged to revered Korean King Sejong, creator of the Hangeul alphabet, was purchased by a collector in Japan, and donated to South Korea's government. Documents explaining the alphabet's origins were stitched inside the hat.

Ancient Korean king’s hat recovered more than 500 years after Japanese theft