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Elfsolutely Fabulous ~ First - Previous - Next

Oakentoon #53: The Desolation of Thranduil by PeckishOwl

Oakentoon The Desolation of Thranduil Hahahahaha "They are prettier than us. Except maybe you Legolas.

kagalin:    Many thanks to my English translator@toscanasunshine

Why Thranduil never leads calvary in i'm not sorry about my elf problem : Photo

I don't know what's happening here, there's Legolas his father and what i think is an anteater(?)  but it's cute...   'Hug Your Father' by antubis0.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

HUG YOUR FATHER - it's an order from the angry little anteater.

La gravité selon Legolas. #Humour #Logique

Super Legolas by BrokenDeathAngel on DeviantArt. Legolas defies physics, logic and gravity.

legolas+pictures+funny | Legolas And Aragorn comic strip by Drag0n24 on deviantART

There has been lots of talk about why Legolas is going to be in the Hobbit movie so I thought it would be funny if Aragorn comes barging in all jeal. Legolas And Aragorn comic strip

OOhhh gaaawd these Oakentoons are killing me! :)    Oakentoon #17: Never trust an elf by ~PeckishOwl on deviantART

ABOUT THIS OAKENTOON Oh, the merry nights in Rivendell! Be sure to check out an illustrated version of this Oakentoon by the deviantartist, Ajir: See it. Oakentoon Never trust an elf