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Lauren Bicknell- This is an image of a pond collecting waste from pipes leading off a textiles factory. Although fast fashion attends to the needs of the fashion focused; providing cheap ever changing trends, wasted garments are often discarded into landfills. The decomposition process is long as many items are made from synthetic materials causing a release of harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

waste products from garment factory spill into stagnant pond

16 Eco Criteria to Define Sustainable Apparel  http://ecogentleman.com/16-eco-criteria-to-define-sustainable-apparel-ethical-fashion

ecogentleman: “ 16 Eco Criteria to Define Sustainable Apparel / Ethical Fashion “ What makes a garment eco-fashion? What does sustainable apparel means? How to define ethical… ” View Post ”

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Water pollution from dyeing denim. Don't buy new jeans. Buy them from the thrift store.

bukadar abartılı kalınlıkta olmasa d deriden yada değişik iplerden yapılabilecek bir çanta

knitted clutch, I think from neopren. (could make shopping bags by knitting plarn from old plastic bags)

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What is slow fashion exactly? This pin links to the website of 'Slowfashioned', which provides excellent resources to help understand this concept.


Does Ventile stand up against the newer gear fabrics?


Let's shop with intention.

Ethical Fashion: a 5 Step Guide

Where did the product come from? Don't ask the supplier | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional

Where did the product come from? Don't ask the supplier

Uzbekistan, october the first million of tons of raw cotton was picked up by uzbek cotton-grower. - Sovfoto/UIG via Getty Images

I'm not quite sure what to say. It's definitely origonal, but I've seen bags more unusual.

Coachella 2013 fashion - dog hand bag fashion handbag for women ladies bag summer fashion bag fashion handbag

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If you’re a regular reader around here, you know that we’re not fans of fast fashion, but we do love that the fashion industry isn’t all about churning out mountains of clothes that you have to replace season after season. Slow fashion is a trend.