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yellow - orange rose - One Single Flower Wallpapers and Images

Red Snapdragons, Georgia O'Keeffe, 1923

Red Snapdragons, Georgia O'Keeffe, One of my favorite artists and my favorite female artist! You can't help but be inspired by her works! Love it!

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Purple Butterflies Photos - My favorite color and my favorite animal (insect). I love butterflies.

Fotografía llena de color y escenas impactantes e ingeniosas   Al ver la fotografía  de ALAIN DELORME  queda la duda de veracidad, no porque...

Looking at French photographer Alain Delorme’s Totems is almost surreal. Its amazing that one person can carry such a huge load by themse.

Sparaxis flowers or Harlequin Flowers- There are thousands of these in my yard and I can't get rid of them.

Harlequin flowers (Sparaxis tricolor) present themselves in a cheerful mixture of tiny, colorful flowers, each with a black heart. Read this article to learn about the care of Sparaxis flowers in the garden.